Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We shall be the public listed company and a leading player by providing the customers good quality products and services for the benefit of our customers.

Mission Statement

To create good working environment and relationship with customers, suppliers and staff.



General Construction, Mining Contractor and Rental Equipment
Keep The Spirit High!

Ruang Lingkup Usaha

Sampai saat ini ruang lingkup usaha yang dilakukan oleh PT. Ulima Nitra meliputi :

Jasa Sewa :

  • Alat-alat berat
  • Berbagai jenis truck
  • Kendaraan ringan/light vehicle
  • Generator Set dan PortaCamp

Pekerjaan Konstruksi :

  • Wellsite construction services
  • Pipeline access road
  • Rig moving services
  • Location reclamation services
  • Mining Contractor

Quality Policy

Understanding the customer that customer is everything, customer is usually right.

Quality Objectives

To work safely by minimized the accident happens to three accidents average in all site (location) and zero accident in fatality per month in 3 years.




PT. Ulima Nitra
Jln. Betet No. 28 RT. 22
Palembang, 30113 - Sumatera Selatan
Telp. (0711) - 365157 / 365158 / 365580, Facs. (0711) - 359469
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