Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We shall be the public listed company and a leading player by providing the customers good quality products and services for the benefit of our customers.

Mission Statement

Plan the expansion of our operation by providing real values and differential our offerings to our customers through continue upgrading or replacing our Equipments.



General Construction, Mining Contractor and Rental Equipment
Keep The Spirit High!

Workshop & Warehouse

Untuk kelancaran kegiatan perusahaan, PT. Ulima Nitra mempunyai workshop di seluruh lokasi kerja. Dan workshop utama bertempat di Palembang sebagai pool peralatan, gudang suku cadang dan bengkel utama untuk melakukan perbaikan. Luas area bengkel utama sekitar 10.000 m2.

Alamat :
Workshop Musi dua
Jl. Raya Palembang - Tanjung Raya KM. 08
Palembang - Sumatera Selatan
Telp. (0711) - 510515, Facs. (0711) - 517628

Quality Policy

Committed to improve the effectiveness of ISO 9001:2000 continuously.

Quality Objectives

To work safely by minimized the accident happens to three accidents average in all site (location) and zero accident in fatality per month in 3 years.




PT. Ulima Nitra
Jln. Betet No. 28 RT. 22
Palembang, 30113 - Sumatera Selatan
Telp. (0711) - 365157 / 365158 / 365580, Facs. (0711) - 359469
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